Announcing the Gradle REST Plugin

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Committed, but not pushed

This plugin has seen some improvements since I posted this.

I’ve recently implemented a new, very simple but very useful Gradle plugin.

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TA DA!!!

Gradle is the build tool of the future, man, and that’s no secret; I build with Gradle when I possibly can.

I faced a situation where I wanted to invoke a few web-hooks during and after my build; the web-hooks I addressed and the information I sent varied according to the state of my build.
At first I thought I should invoke the web-hooks via independent build steps of my CI server, but that also meant:

  1. Breaking the build to a number of separate Gradle processes instead of single process that will execute all the tasks.
  2. Maintaining the web-hook invocation procedures outside of my standard build descriptors.

The downside of #2 being the fact that should I want to…

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