2 thoughts on “Hosting Debian Packages on Bintray Rocks!

  1. Im having major issues with sourceforge since theyve changed from http to https. Someone recommended hosting a repo on bintray, so i did the signup and followed your guide…. Howver i am stuck with the following, my repo is setup and i am trying to upload from linux terminal, I use the following command and i get an error :

    curl -T makululinux-themes-01.deb -umakululinux: https://api.bintray.com/content/makululinux/makululinux/makululinux-themes-01.deb/10002/pool/main/m/makulu-desktop/;deb_distribution=testing;deb_component=main;deb_architecture=i386,amd64;publish=1

    I keep getting error :

    {“message”:”Failed to resolve package name”}

    Any ideas why i get this error and how to fix it ?

    • Hi Jacque,

      Thank you for reaching out.
      First, regardless of this issue, please feel free to submit inquiries and issues to support@bintray.com

      With respect to the reported behavior there are two part to this:
      1. In order to upload content to your repository a package should be created prior to the upload attempt.
      2. You have indicated that you tried to use this path:

      This path is missing the relevant package name and also the location of the file name to be deployed comes before the file path.
      So, in order to deploy the desired content the deployment request should look something like:


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