Nodeclipse: 500k downloads per month and counting!

Paul Verest

Paul Verest

Paul Verest, the Nodeclipse project lead posted to the Nodeclipse blog about his experiences with Bintray.

He talks about how the Bintray distribution platform freed up resources to take care of the truly important things – driving Nodeclipse and Enide Studio forward!

The main benefits Paul mentions are:

  • Speed – almost 3 times faster than GitHub and more than 5 times faster than SourceForge!
  • Eclipse Plugins Update Site (P2) Support –  allows users to define a unified Eclipse Update Site for a bunch of Nodeclipse related plugins (with a single URL that always points to the latest versions)
  • Simple UI – simplifies the release process for the Nodeclipse team
  • Additional small perks – flexible statistics and new release notifications.

Read on the original article on the Nodecipse site and join the discussion.

Announcing the Gradle REST Plugin

Hosted and used by Bintray!

Committed, but not pushed

This plugin has seen some improvements since I posted this.

I’ve recently implemented a new, very simple but very useful Gradle plugin.

the –


TA DA!!!

Gradle is the build tool of the future, man, and that’s no secret; I build with Gradle when I possibly can.

I faced a situation where I wanted to invoke a few web-hooks during and after my build; the web-hooks I addressed and the information I sent varied according to the state of my build.
At first I thought I should invoke the web-hooks via independent build steps of my CI server, but that also meant:

  1. Breaking the build to a number of separate Gradle processes instead of single process that will execute all the tasks.
  2. Maintaining the web-hook invocation procedures outside of my standard build descriptors.

The downside of #2 being the fact that should I want to…

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