It’s Your Content, Claim The Logs For It

Improved statistics we introduced last month give you much more information about the users that download open source software you publish than any other binaries distribution platform ever.

But why stop there? What if you want even more? One of the most powerful ways to slice and dice your download stats is to play with Apache-style logs. This standard, known as Common Log Format, is well familiar and there are tons of utilities for parsing, analyzing and generally going wild with these logs.

If you you’re an open source developer distributing your packages on Bintray, you may have wished for the logs. You may have also thought that since Bintray is SaaS and the platform’s logs are part of how the backend works, then you’ll need to settle with what we give you in the UI.

Well, wrong! The good news are – we give you all your logs, in standard Apache format, and it’s up to you how to get them – by a REST call or from the UI:

Download logs

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If your package is included in JCenter, you can go a head and download your log files today. Other repositories will get their logs soon.

Introducing New and Improved Statistics

Bintray’s latest version introduces an upgraded graphic downloads statistics feature.

Now you can view the statistics of all package downloads segmented by date, version and country.

You can view the download stats for the last 24 hours by hour or select a wanted date range within the last 30 days. For unbounded date range download stats, simply link your package to Bintray’s JCenter repository, which is the largest collection of java libraries around.

We plan to roll out the unbounded stats feature for more repositories in the future, but if you have a popular non-java library, we may beta-enable this for you.

While we continue improving the stats feature, we will have even better news coming up for package owners in the next couple of days, so stay tuned 🙂

Geographic download stats
Geographic download stats
Versions Download statistics
Versions Download statistics

Stay in Context, See the World

New release, new features!

Focus on what’s important

You know, Bintray supports various repository types, like Maven, YUM and Debs, and more types to come. But sometimes all those goodies are just too much. You want to see and search for only certain type of packages (e.g. focus only on Maven jars to use Bintray as Maven repository). Now you can scope the whole Bintray experience to a single repository type:
select context

And woot! You are in the Java world, completely. Nothing but your beloved jars:
maven context
The selection is persistent, and you can always clear it by clicking the x on the filter button.

See where your fans are

I know I usually write too much, so this one will be image only:

Nuff said.

Happy publishing!